Team SAY Q&A – Louise Bell

We spoke to Louise Bell, our Associate who has worked across many specialisms in the Property industry, including service charge approach, mobilisation, management strategies, and energy management. 

This is what she had to say… 

1. If you could sum up working at, SAY in one sentence, what would it be?  

SAY offers an excellent collaborative working environment and allows every member of the team to undertake a variety of work across a wide range of schemes.

2.       What’s your area of expertise within SAY?  

My areas of expertise are estate, residential and mixed use property and asset management. I focus on service charge approach, mobilisation, management strategies, and energy management. 

Clients are starting to look at streamlining their approach to the management of their portfolio, to improve efficiencies and deliver a consistent approach. Many clients are also making sustainability and ESG more of a primary focus when consider design and management strategies. 

4.       What initially drew you into the industry?  

I was interested in the diversity that the industry has to offer and the variety of schemes that are being developed. There is a lot of scope in the industry to work with a range of different people and specialisms, and no day is ever the same.

5.       What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given about your career and who was it from?

When working towards my APC, my supervisor encouraged me to focus on areas of work that I found interesting and offered continual challenge and learnings. This has allowed me to continue to grow my knowledge whilst working on projects that I enjoy.

6.       What advice would you give future generations wanting to get into the industry?  

This is a fantastic industry with lots of opportunities. My advice would be to get lots of different work experience – for example working with residential property, commercial property, Build to Rent  etc. – and try and get some exposure to the various stages of a project lifecycle. The more experience you have, the better you will be able to determine which area of the industry fits you best.

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