hereSAY Mystery Shopping Service

hereSAY is the first mystery shopping advisory service that specifically focuses on the lead-to-lease journey. Our services are available across all asset classes, including Build-To-Rent, Single Family Housing, Later Living and PBSA (in partnership with The Property Marketing Strategists).

Our BTR Lead-to-Lease Benchmark is the only industry report that specifically focuses on the quality of customer service being delivered to potential tenants prior to move-in.

The mystery shopping service monitors in-person visits, online enquiries and phone calls during the leasing journey to identify sales wastage and ensure that all leads are being maximised. The service provides comprehensive feedback o the quality of service being delivered by your leasing team. A detailed report and analysis will be provided alongside a bespoke feedback session to discuss key opportunities and recommendations.

The Benefits of using Mystery Shopping?

  • Clear Insight into Performance: Gain an unbiased understanding of your customer service and sales performance, guiding informed improvements.
  • Targeted Improvement & Training: Identify specific areas for improvement and staff training needs for focused enhancement.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Implement strategies informed by our insights to significantly improve customer interactions and improve ROI.
  • Continuous, Detailed Monitoring: Enjoy ongoing, in-depth monitoring that combines qualitative and quantitative feedback for a complete service analysis.

Why choose hereSAY?

  • Independent, Unbiased Insights: Benefit from impartial, expert evaluations from our award-winning team, ensuring the utmost reliability and credibility in our feedback.
  • Clear, Objective Data: Receive easy-to-understand, objective data, aiding in straightforward decision-making and strategy formulation.
  • Comprehensive Benchmarking: Utilise both internal and external benchmarking to gain a holistic view of your team’s performance in comparison to industry standards.
  • Proven Methodology: Trust in our tried and tested methodology that delivers consistent, accurate results, reflecting a deep understanding of customer experience metrics.
  • Target Market-Focused Mystery Shoppers: Our mystery shoppers precisely match your target market demographic, providing authentic insights that resonate with your customer base.
  • Ongoing Monitoring with In-depth Feedback: Benefit from continuous monitoring that blends both qualitative and quantitative feedback, offering a comprehensive analysis of your service delivery.

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NEW FOR 2024: Download the New Lead to Lease: Build to Rent Mystery Shopping Benchmark Report


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