Our Partnership with BTR Consulting, Prague

BTR Consulting, an important player in the Build to Rent market based in the Czech Republic, has entered into a partnership with SAY Property. The focus and objective of this partnership is to share experience in the markets in the countries where the companies operate, provide their services to their international clients in the rental housing investment sector and seek new opportunities across markets.

The partnership and close collaboration with Zuzana Chudoba and BTR Consulting is built on the successful event held in Prague with Debra. This collaboration will enable BTR Consulting to build on local expertise and provide clients with comprehensive knowledge and guidance in the Czech market supported by expertise from more established international markets.  This will enable BTR Consulting to support existing clients by incorporating insights from international BTR schemes, thereby improving the quality and efficiency of their projects. The collaboration with SAY will contribute to the continuous enhancement of services.

Zuzana Chudoba, CEO and founder of BTR Consulting, elaborates on the partnership, expressing, “We can learn from and inspire each other in various ways, expecting numerous opportunities to collaborate as investment in the BTR market expands.”

Debra Yudolph, Founder and CEO of SAY Property adds: “Our partnership with Zuzana Chudoba and BTR Consulting is an exciting opportunity for us to enter a new BTR market and share some of our knowledge and experience having worked extensively in the UK BTR sector. Zuzana and her team have developed a market leading advisory business, and it is a privilege to work alongside her to bring our insight from a market that although still burgeoning, has had an opportunity to develop and learn over the past ten years. We are keen to work on various projects together in Prague and across the Czech Republic bringing our experiences and learnings whilst also having a unique opportunity to enter a new market in partnership with BTR Consulting.

BTR Consulting (Built to Rent Consulting), whose founder and CEO is Zuzana Chudoba, has been providing comprehensive consulting and rental services in the field of build to rent since 2021. It prepares market and feasibility studies, performs financial modelling and acquisitions of rental projects, prepares rental development projects, leases, manages rental apartment buildings as well as provides comprehensive furnishing of rental apartment units and tenant care. Its clients include real estate residential funds, major developers and investors specializing in rental housing. The company employs experts with more than 20 years of experience in development, real estate and property management, whose knowledge comes from both the Czech environment and foreign markets. BTR Consulting is a full member of the Rental Housing Association, where the founder of the company is also a member of the presidium. The company is also a member of the Association for Real Estate Market Development.