The Inaugural Spirit of Barry Award awarded to Kemi

Barry Yudolph, Debra’s father and SAY’s credit controller sadly passed away from COVID on the 1st May 2020 at the age of 82. He disliked ‘boring’ retirement and thrived on having a purpose and therefore took a role as SAY’s credit controller. When chasing payments,  he charmed our clients, always interested in their businesses and the latest happenings. Barry showed the importance of embracing life. He will be missed by all at SAY and our clients.

In Barry’s honour, SAY have  set up the Spirit of Barry Award to recognise Barry’s legacy. On a quarterly basis, SAY will donate £1000 to a charity selected by a SAY team member, who has demonstrated the spirit of Barry in or out of work.

The first winner of the inaugural award was Kemi Oguntoye and in Barry’s name, £1000 has been donated to LimbPower. Fittingly, April is the ‘Limbloss & Limb Difference’ awareness month. LimbPower motivates amputees and those with limb differences to confidently engage with physical activity, sport and the arts, as a means of improving their quality of life and to aid lifelong rehabilitation. As a small charity, the pandemic has meant fundraising activities have been cancelled but that has not stopped them from delivering weekly online classes including Tai Chi, dance, Paracise, Yoga, cardio and art classes to the amputee and limb difference community.