Build to Rent

Build to Rent refers to the growing sub-market in private rented residential stock in the United Kingdom, designed specifically for renting rather than for sale, typically owned by institutional investors and managed by specialist operators. The product is in many ways synonymous with the multi-family sector in the United States.

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Build for Sale

The Government’s commitment to deliver homes for sale remains at the forefront of housing policy and the recent focus on fire safety and cladding has highlighted the challenges of delivering safe places. Taking time to strategically think about how places are lived in is critical.

Build for Sale Case Studies

Mixed Use

Mixed Use sites are becoming ever more popular and it is vital to get the right mix for future generations. We are seeing the end of ‘zoning’ city centres, and instead, an increasing shift towards combining offices, leisure, outdoor space and residential communities. SAY can provide advice across all uses and tenures. We specialise in large areas of mixed regeneration  with a considered approach to placemaking and place-keeping, funding, stakeholder set-up and ongoing operational planning

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Bankside Yards


The future of commercial space is an ongoing discussion, more so now taking into account the recent pandemic and mass shift to agile working. Demand for office space will return – it will need to be more flexible and offer more than it used to. We are well placed to provide valuable input into the planning for how commercial spaces will operate into the future.

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Later Living

There comes a time in life where a little bit more help is needed to ensure independent living happens for as long as possible. The health and overall happiness of residents is at the forefront of every scheme we help design. There are different considerations when planning a purpose-built later living community, from facilities and primary care options to planning use classes and areas for the public.

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Co-living is a specialist by-product of the Build to Rent sector with an emphasis on community-style living, and is fast becoming  one of the biggest changes to the UK’s housing landscape. Policy for co-living is still evolving and as such, the more traditional use-classes are still being explored  and can differ from location to location. SAY have been advising co-living clients for a number of years and we are subsequently able to bring our considerable experience to this emerging sector. 

Co-Living Case Studies


With house prices rising faster than wages, there is still a great need for affordable housing and it is now a permanent feature of nearly every new development we advise on. One of the key challenges is to balance the costs for affordable residents against the parity of service levels, as well as innovation of rental products and operational approach.

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