West Corby


West Corby is a 4,400 unit scheme being developed by the Pool Trustees whose intention is to provide a quality development and legacy for the area including delivery of 4 schools and 2 community centres. The site has large areas of woodland management and a strong focus on the delivery of high quality public realm. This is a large and long term regeneration project focusing on creating a sustainable development and a thriving community, including partnerships with local organisations.

Our advice has been focused on achieving a sustainable development and community through long-term stewardship, whilst ensuring continuous affordability for residents. We have provided advice on the management and governance structure, the Section 106 agreement, an Estate Management Strategy and the Estate Service Charge budget.

Services Delivered by SAY:

  • Service Charge Calculations
  • Service Charge Apportionment

  • Stakeholder Structures
  • Legal Structuring