Sugarhouse Island


Sugar House Island is a 26-acre development bounded by water, located approximately 0.9 mile from Stratford Station. The completed development will comprise 1,200 homes, 624,000 sq ft of office space, a 350 bed hotel and more than 3 acres of open space, including a riverside park, a commercially-led ‘plaza’ and a number of gardens and courtyards.

SAY were appointed to provide a wide range of services, including the provision of design for management reports and service charge models for a number of blocks. SAY also drafted an estate-wide management vision and strategy document, in addition to running the residential management tender for the first block to complete within the estate.

Services Delivered by SAY:

  • Design for Management Advice
  • Estate Management Vision Workshops

  • Estate Management Strategy Documents
  • Service Charge Budgeting

  • Residential Management Tender
  • Back of House and Staff Facilities Advice