Debra Yudolph

Founder & CEO

Debra has over 25 years’ experience in residential property and is recognised as one of the major contributors to the industry. Before starting SAY with Charles Seifert, Debra was Director of Asset and Property Management at Grainger plc for ten years. She was responsible for building Grainger’s asset and property management expertise, as well as being part of the leadership team.

Debra is an expert in residential property and asset management with a particular focus on Build to Rent, Place Making, Regeneration and industry innovation. Debra has a keen interest in the positive social impact that can be delivered through new development and recently founded Do Some Good, a platform to offer and receive pro bono and voluntary support between charities and the Real Estate Sector.

Debra has non-executive roles on the boards of Grove End Housing Limited, M&G Shared Ownership Fund, is an advisor to DeverellSmith Recruitment and served on the Board of Notting Hill Housing for nine years. She is a recognised spokesperson on behalf of the residential sector and is a member of Property Weeks Resi Senate.