Estates Gazette publishes hereSAY mystery shopping findings

In an exclusive feature piece, the Estates Gazette has revealed the high level findings from our first Build to Rent (BTR) viewing experience benchmark study. Commissioned by hereSAY, the new mystery shopping service line from SAY Property Consulting, the initial benchmark study compared 22 BTR schemes across the UK.

The article by Emma Rosser, delves into the best and worst viewing experiences and reveals the BTR scheme that came first in the benchmark, along with a list of the other schemes that were mystery shopped.

‘To receive a follow-up email with prices in less than two hours after the viewing was very surprising but reflected the guide’s professionalism.’

Verbatim quote from a mystery shopper.

We will be publishing a detailed trend report on the 16th November, revealing the common themes and key findings from the benchmark study, along with the other schemes that were in the Top 5 of the benchmark. Debra Yudolph, Partner at SAY, will be chairing a panel at the UKAA BTR Fayre on the same day, which will focus on the implications these findings have for BTR schemes and what can be learnt from the hospitality industry, where mystery shopping is the norm. 

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