The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Receives Kiara’s Spirit of Barry Award Prize

Each quarter, SAY selects an employee as the winner of the Spirit of Barry Award, recognising those who go above and beyond in demonstrating curiosity, kindness, and positivity in or out of the workplace.

This quarter, we congratulate Kiara who was selected for her diligence and success with the Building Safety Fund applications. Kiara has chosen to donate £1000 to The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The charity is dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and protection of elephants, rhinos, and other endangered species. This month all donations will be doubled which is fantastic news.

“I was reluctant to choose an animal charity, but SWT are so inspiring and rehabilitate animals to go back into the wild into conversation zones. I already sponsor two elephants with them. I could spend all day talking about the wonderful work they do –I was planning a trip to Kenya to visit them before Covid hit…maybe 2022!” said Kiara.

We do hope you make it on that trip soon!